Portrait of Kordula Leiße

Kordula Leisse - an especially versatile voice over artist. 

Her flexible, soft and warm voice moves effortlessly through
each tonality desired

Professional, uncomplicated and always exactly to the point, she enhances each production with her great creative bandwidth.  

WDR public radio highly values Kordula Leisse as a member of their voice artists ensemble in many different formats. 

RTL Living considers her to be the perfect station voice.

In commercials, she is the voice of e.g. the brands Dove, Milupa, Imodium, Felix cat food, Mars Celebrations, Klosterfrau, GEO or Landlust…

In countless films and series, she has for many years covered the most diverse dubbing roles.

Kordula Leisse impresses with her natural aura and strong presence.

Benefit from the calmness and competence of her more than 20 years of professional experience.